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Poems and Prayers of Hope

FAITH....by a Grandma

Gods love sets us free
His grace ..His presence is enough for me
Through this time of doubt and fears
He is there to wipe our tears

We watch TV and see much sadness
The panic buy seems like a madness
But faith keeps me grounded when my heart flies
Faith gives me life when my spirit dies

His Words of wisdom means hope always springs
His grace...His comfort to all He brings
So when your faith seems troubled or in doubt
Call on Him , He'll help you out!

LOCKDOWN by Esther aged 7

Lot's of time to spare

Outside talking to my neighbours

Clapping for carers on Thursday 

Keeping safe inside

Don't forget to wash your hands

On FaceTime I speak to my family

When will this be over?

NHS helping others in these hard times

WHEN THIS IS ALL OVER.....by a Grandma

When this is all over I'll look back and say

Thank you Lord for each new day

With Christ as our light we are never alone

For HE is our guide...our friend... And our home


When all this is over and this lockdown ends

I'll praise Him for sunsets and bird songs He sends

For difficult times that help us to grow

For opportunities...for improvement...that will help me† I know


When all this is over I know I will say

We didn't miss out on that† Easter Day

For He is risen it's so plain to see

He conquered the cross for you and for me


When all this is over and lockdown no more

My senses are heightened to think of the poor

The shelves are now full with luxuries a plenty

But† for† some it's still a very painful 2020


When all this is over I know I† will say

It's Faith...Hope.. and Love that matters each day

So when this is all over I know will say

Dream of tomorrow but love more each day.

LETTING Go ......by a Mum

Let go of the worries

Let go of the fear

Trust in the Lord.. he's always near


Soon this will be over and lockdown will cease

But one thing remains

is the gift of His peace

So treasure this gift It makes our lives worthwhile

It gives us purpose .....and makes us smile


So, teach me Lord what I don't know

Show me Lord, the path to go

Take control and lead the way

Thank you for your care today.

Sad news dribbles in of this one and that

Whoís now passed away a sort of acceptance of the lash

This sparks another conversation he was such a good guy

A history rolled out

And they canít have a funeral with corona all about

Then you get the get the odd request -

hey Si you do go to church ?

As if it was an ailment or caught lurking in the lurch

Can you say a prayer for this one

Or even light a candle or a card

They had a few problems but now -

there laid out in the yard

Well get Si -to light a candle

Whilst they can just pretend

No problem -why donít you come with me

Is the answer I do give

Thereís nothing to be frightened off

As God is not a spiff


No I donít believe in that stuff

Itís definitely not for me !

Alas perhaps you have got the start of cataracts

As to me you cannot see !

No problems with the candles the prayers and even yes a card

We all see things a little differently

Like scrap lying in a yard

As some might think it garbage

Whilst others think it fine

And some would just recycle it

Whilst others earn a dime

I conclude well -

Itís good that you are thinking of someone

Other than yourself

As that is why weíre different

Not all predators with stealth


But I say to them although -I miss mass dearly

And itís a habit thatís a part of me

The thing with my religion

It Brings out any good in me

It doesnít mean Iím perfect

It doesnít mean Iím grim

Iím just a candle that is flickering

what ever mess Iím in

But it feeds me a nourishment

This hope and good and prayer

Iíll certainly say a prayer for them

Because after all we care


And the problems of corona

And poor people who suffered in their fight

Perhaps will have a moment

To share some of gods bright light

Although the mass has been ďoff hiredĒ

I still have my daily chats

Of how to just approach things

Think of others put myself not at the front but at the back

And hopefully things will start to turn around

For all the young and old

And may it flattened some of the edges

of the boastful and the bold


Alas Iím glad people ask me can I say a prayer f

or this one and for that

Because I can promote our little parish

Whilst I sit and have a chat

And encourage which is I think a better way

As selfishness is corrosive

And tires out your day

I am lucky to have my little chats to god upon my day

He also has done good by me

Thatís all Iíve got to say

Heís helped me when Iíve had problems

And never invoices me in time

He just says take it in your stride my son

And where you can - be kind

Death scares so many people -the fear

At times it has that smell

But when you have your faith in him

That problem is dispelled


My old friend charles valentine

Told me a story of an old spud planter that would not work

Whilst working in the fields

And the olde Irishman amongst them

Said letís say a HailMary

And right enough she worked

Oh that time instantaneous

Into action once again

But there cannot always be sunshine

And thereís goodness yes in rain

But that simple Hail Mary

Got them going once again

The companion of hardship

Is resourceful all the same

It triggers a little thinking

In the hardship can be gain


So we will press on in the face of corona

With Hail Marys, Eternal Rest and Glory Beís

And certainly say a prayer for all

Who are much worse off than me


30/5/20 sparked by being asked to say a prayer for Jerry Bonds dad George Bond from Kirkby who passed away with corona at the age of 82

Our Thursday clap for carers

We clap because your special† through and through.

We really do appreciate all that you do.

Thank you for your bravery that can never be repaid

Thank you for your sacrifice and the difference that it makes.


We pray for you with a glad and grateful heart

Thank you for being there right from the start

Thank you for helping the human race

Helping the patients with your tender grace


With PPE gown, gloves and face shield

you must feel it's like a battle field

So, Lord they need your guiding light

To help them through the day and the long painful night

So with heartfelt thanks† for all those who care

Please be assured of my love and my prayer


When this is all over we'll look back and say

Wasn't it lovely to see families walking each day?

They were walking through happy...and walking through sad Embracing the good times remembering the sad


So everything you do do it love

Because the Lord sees everything† from Heaven above

So have lots of laughter but don't forget to pray

Mix in some smiles

And He'll show you the way


For each time you smile you'll find that it's true

Somebody somewhere will smile back at you .


The sound of silence awakens my soul

To ponder how God is in control

In the stillness of my heart ....

All worries begin to cease.....

I give him my cares...He gives me His peace

Clear skies and traffic few

Is the daily recipient in our brew

When farmers busy drilling fields

And turning soil so mores revealed

When tractors are in fields galore óyet somethings missing in our stores

When a word that we did once call pop

Is now a killer that makes us stop

When billions spent and nothing earned

We canít afford normality to return

When working at home is now a norm

And queues of traffic have been postponed

And children sit on WiFi

That still goes whizzing around our skies


I heard a parent yesterday a comment Iíve

Not heard since many a day

You canít have me and your dad arenít working

Music to my ageing ears

Cos making doo does hold no fear

But is a better story than spoiling child with this and that

No doubt heís plenty toys on the Matt

Another old word becomes popular again

Forgotten by many in their lives

On making hay on which they strive

For fancy cars and holidays is now a distant yesterday

What is this word I am on about

A simple THANK YOU there is no doubt

Yes THANK YOU for yesterdayís things we took for granted

Now that coronavirus has landed


Perhaps we will learn that we canít have this and that cos were all not working

Iím sure theyíll be those thatís shirking

As there always will be

As thatís human nature I think you see

But in the main a little more thankyou

For a little more time and thoughts for others

The old , the young ,the weak the frail

And even some of those in jail

The lonely and those with dementia

Thereís far to many just to mention

And thank our lucky stars

For this marvellous country of ours

That tryís to have us at standard

Regardless wherever you have landed

And those who will not haul their load

Is the greasy waistcoat of the bold


So those with losses to much to bare

Well spare a thought for those who care

And those whoíve had the thumping loss

And those who do not give a toss

Perhaps the future can be tweaked with a little more care and appreciation

Of what weíve got in this ere nation

Chaff no doubt

But a magnificent harvest is about

Of good folk doing their daily bit

To prevent as falling in the pit

If in a hundred years a man can do a hundred laps

Then thatís the standard yes for me

As he will go down in history

Simple ,honest THANK YOU grit

Will stop us imploding in the pit

And rain we miss you so

As You help all our plants to grow

And give us green carpets to play our sports

Or sit at home the last resort


And we perhaps all can learn to pray

For the good old times of yesterday


Thoughts on corona virus and the impact itís having on us all

April 20


As we adjust to this new way of living

The lockdown...the restrictions...and life saving giving

We can't see our loved ones...we can't go out

Because of the sadness some people DOUBT


But COURAGE is there when the world stands still

CARING is there for those who are ill

FEAR is there...but we also have HOPE

For praying in Rome is our wonderful Pope


The Church is still here so take time to pray

For the Church is the people receiving blessings each day

PEACE is there a gift from above

But the greatest of all is the gift of His LOVE


The church doors aren't open but Jesus has spoken

The Church isn't bricks......mortar or steeple

It's faith ...hope... and love I have for my people


The Church is still here when darkness descends

I am your Shepherd..your guide ...and your friend

My love never fails...it's healing and warm

Giving peace inside....when outsides a storm


So if you're feeling alone or uncertain how things will go

Be assured of my blessings on you I will  pour

Be enlightened by my strength.  .......Be assured of my power

Every day... Every  second......every minute...every hour!

Dear God,


We pray for mummy and daddyís friend Alex and all his family especially his daughter Bella. We hope you hold them all tightly and comfort them through this sad time, He will be sadly missed. We pray for all our families who we miss so much, we thank you for their love support and for helping us through tough times and for things that we might not understand.


Lord hear us


Tallulah Belle Smyth Age 7

My​Rai​nb​ow​Fo​r Y​ou 


R - Remember I am with you always. 

A - Alleluia, He is risen. 

I - I place my trust in you 

N - No one loves you more than me. 

B - Believe and trust in me. 

O - Our Lord, Our Saviour, Our Friend. 

W - Water of life - walk together in 

†††††† faith, hope, love and peace. 


All gardens have a story to be told

Some flowers are so delicate and some are so bold

But, who really is the gardener?

I thinks it's God above

Our hearts are our gardens that He prunes with love.

The harmful weeds that take root and grow

He wants to remove† so goodness can flow.

His flowers are† peace, courage and calm

He tends each one with outstretched arm


He removes the stones - bad habits that come and go††††††††††

And sows wonderful seeds so that our gifts can grow

So may our fragile roots take hold

with lots of buds and blessings untold.


After clapping for carers last Thursday Something caught my eye

For there was a beautiful rainbow It's colours filled the sky


It reminded me of Noah and God's promise after the rain

To know that after the storm....sunny days will come again

So when† I† saw† that lovely arch like a smile from heaven came

God promises of† ...'all will be well'...† was in that ark of flame


A new way of living

A new way of giving

A better way of sharing

A better way of caring


Sacrifices we make..

Risks our carers take

Yes† life is a gift....wake up and greet It

It's also a challenge

accept and embrace it


So when we look back on our lockdown past

We'll find and treasure the things that will last

Faith...Hope.. and Love ...that make us shine

And know He is with us till the end of time


Even when I feel alone

I know youíre always there. 

Hear me now and comfort me

And grant my simple prayer. 

When Iím lost or full of pain,

Nor solace can I find;

Grant me your most precious gifts

Of HOPE and PEACE of mind. 

(By a parishioner)

by Kyle Nathan Brown

on the death and resurrection of his Mum

I see you,

trying mother,

suffering hoarder

of relentless endurance.

You're there

in the innumerable blues

of the sea

and the sky Ė each shade and hue

belonging entirely to you.

As the sea for the fish,

and the sky for the birds,

your generosity was massive -

with thought


And like the albatross,

your children,

we spread our wings and

travelled through your glorious



after the longest flight,

seeing dry land,

a possible respite,

we turned to see how far

we'd flown;

but you were gone,

and we were wrong.

It wasn't the blue light of


that had sustained us

all this time;

It was love.

Powerful, unflinching


which now bathes your winged children

in the most staggering,



warming of lights.

Now in the sea

and in the sky,

and reflecting off the feathers of our wings,

I see you,

Mother Blue.

Catholic colours we miss you so

Be it rich maroon of sacred heart

Or a St Francis brown is where Iíll start

With a St Patrick's green to embrace the scene

A blue Hail Mary always has a Sheen

A pasty complexion of so many faces

A simple look of better places

Or the strength of yes St Michaelís gates

Or St James faith to celebrate

A drab olive green of a Lourdes saint

What these colours is represent

Little thoughts and colours that create the spark

Of promises that the angels bark


Of honey coloured stone and shiny pew

And the promise of all things a new

What is the colour of this ere faith

Is what I now do contemplate

Itís a close run thing from green to maroon to blue

This is the prism of my brew

I canít think of a colour that is St Joseph's Shade

Perhaps an olive tree brown

Once all the shades have settled down

I suppose he had to wrestle like an olive branch

The challenges he had yes at his ranch

As he seems to take a endearing view

With all the carpenters jobs to do

Father figurehead and possibly ever so slightly on the side

The troubles he had with his ere bride

So what colour are you St Joseph I ask myself

but patience must have been your wealth

And family troubles just like today

When boys and girls go out to play

What ever colour your to be

A diamond yes is surely he

So catholic colours thanks once again

You are the energy In my flame

From the red of the mysterious sacred heart

From the purple requiem when we depart

From the Ivory of an Ave Maria bloom

And to all the colours Iíll see real soon

In a kaleidoscope of mysterious blessings

In all those ways I learnt your lessons

Some colours bold whilst others mild

So all these colours can reconcile

And paint a real picture to me

Of how we should act you see


So when the heavy darker clouds of day

The colours Can just lift your spirits no longer grey

But brighter with the light turned on

The heavy shades have been and gone

And light for which our green plants do strive

Can help us all just to survive

What better colours can there be

Than those of human nature see

When bland is touched again by light

It lifts the scene and shifts the blight

Ah symbolic perhaps

But better if your days can laugh

With catholic colours in your brew

To lighten up your daily stew


Thinking about what Iíve missed about Mass during lockdown and what sparks my thoughts June 2020


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