Text Box: Welcome to St Marie’s and St Patrick’s Southport
In the Pastoral Area of Southport and the Archdiocese of Liverpool
Walking in His Light - together

Poems and Prayers of Hope

FAITH....by a Grandma


Gods love sets us free
His grace ..His presence is enough for me
Through this time of doubt and fears
He is there to wipe our tears

We watch TV and see much sadness
The panic buy seems like a madness
But faith keeps me grounded when my heart flies
Faith gives me life when my spirit dies

His Words of wisdom means hope always springs
His grace...His comfort to all He brings
So when your faith seems troubled or in doubt
Call on Him , He'll help you out!

LOCKDOWN by Esther aged 7


Lot's of time to spare

Outside talking to my neighbours

Clapping for carers on Thursday 

Keeping safe inside

Don't forget to wash your hands

On FaceTime I speak to my family

When will this be over?

NHS helping others in these hard times

WHEN THIS IS ALL OVER.....by a Grandma


When this is all over I'll look back and say

Thank you Lord for each new day

With Christ as our light we are never alone

For HE is our guide...our friend... And our home


When all this is over and this lockdown ends

I'll praise Him for sunsets and bird songs He sends

For difficult times that help us to grow

For opportunities...for improvement...that will help me  I know


When all this is over I know I will say

We didn't miss out on that  Easter Day

For He is risen it's so plain to see

He conquered the cross for you and for me


When all this is over and lockdown no more

My senses are heightened to think of the poor

The shelves are now full with luxuries a plenty

But  for  some it's still a very painful 2020


When all this is over I know I  will say

It's Faith...Hope.. and Love that matters each day

So when this is all over I know will say

Dream of tomorrow but love more each day.

LETTING Go ......by a Mum


Let go of the worries

Let go of the fear

Trust in the Lord.. he's always near


Soon this will be over and lockdown will cease

But one thing remains

is the gift of His peace

So treasure this gift It makes our lives worthwhile

It gives us purpose .....and makes us smile


So, teach me Lord what I don't know

Show me Lord, the path to go

Take control and lead the way

Thank you for your care today.


There’s this little place in Southport
That's really big and grand
It's tucked off, down a side street
And it's been kissed by Irish sand
It's been wrapped in double yellows
So the packaging is smart
With metalwork in emerald green
You couldn't have a better start
The stone walls are honey coloured
With varnished heavy doors
You can see your own reflection
Inside  - Yes there’s even more!
But don't forget the gardens they always are in bloom
You can pop in on the way out
As we know you'll come back soon
And be met with yet another, probably round and smiling face
He may be chomping on his breakfast enjoying all the same

Welcome and good morning you start off a gentle trot
But as this building it just draws you in, you almost get a shock
Magnificent in its glory this jewel in the town
Built with love and affection the parish all around
The congregation is probably forty plus
It's just a number that just rhymes and helps along the visit
In this lovely Catholic shrine
The pews are thick with varnish, they have that "shiny " grin
But please embrace the sentiment of this parish now your in
Blessed Mary in her stature, keeps an eye on you for sure
If you duck behind a column no hiding is ignored
Papers from the olde country available as well
There is a shop with holy things the story we can tell

We will now go into canter moving from an easy trot
The Parish starts off with a welcome, so we will now move "on alot"
Others are most important no matter who they are
They may not be so lucky, They may not have a car
They may not have a shilling or penny yet to spare
But welcomes on the menu, this parish really cares
It's easy sending money off to missions far and wide
But here they feed their homeless, from the  presbytery beside
And with it comes a smile, like service on the side
It's the strength of all the parish, it's made with catholic pride  

The parish priest is Father John, he's got a wonky knee
You would see him peddling around on his bike
Burning calories, I do believe
Because we're short of priests you know
And John has done right well
They also blessed him with St Patrick's
So he can do Mass, from eight till twelve
Of course he took it in his stride quite well
A church just down the road, with the help of one another
We can share this heavy load
With still the growing congregation and folky tunes aside
We just stick to the same message
Helping others is our pride
Well just as clubs and teams must have bosses and rules to abide
And colonels and privates, to keep the march in time
So please feel free to join us,  regardless of your colour, kind or creed
Just bring along your problems and plant them like a seed
We cannot promise instant results, it doesn't work that way
But whilst soaking up the atmosphere it may help you through your day
There's probably someone similar, these problems in your  head
Enjoy your Sunday morning, better than lying in your bed
So please enjoy our parish, we know it's here to stay
The place that thinks of others is a nice thing to just say
Your load it may be heavy a "tuff olde cross to bear"
Please Remember these parishes in Southport
There's someone there who cares

While Father John goes rattling on
He's hardly missed a beat, offering care and understanding
Can really be a treat
He's Soft spoken and yet enthusiastic
Is the term I would say best
But even with his wonky knee seldom does he rest
With his sunny folky hymns and smiling bearded grin
When you listen to his message something starts from within

Not an easy road to follow
With pressure and all that
Please pop in "Good morning "
Please call and have a chat  
We all have friends who have left us, Moved to a better place
We are only passing through you know
Please stop and make a space
For others that are less fortunate
Some even don't have hope
Please call into our parish church
We are all on a slippy slope !

Our Thursday clap for carers


We clap because your special  through and through.

We really do appreciate all that you do.

Thank you for your bravery that can never be repaid

Thank you for your sacrifice and the difference that it makes.


We pray for you with a glad and grateful heart

Thank you for being there right from the start

Thank you for helping the human race

Helping the patients with your tender grace


With PPE gown, gloves and face shield

you must feel it's like a battle field

So, Lord they need your guiding light

To help them through the day and the long painful night


So with heartfelt thanks  for all those who care

Please be assured of my love and my prayer



When this is all over we'll look back and say

Wasn't it lovely to see families walking each day?

They were walking through happy...and walking through sad Embracing the good times remembering the sad


So everything you do do it love

Because the Lord sees everything  from Heaven above

So have lots of laughter but don't forget to pray

Mix in some smiles

And He'll show you the way


For each time you smile you'll find that it's true

Somebody somewhere will smile back at you .



The sound of silence awakens my soul

To ponder how God is in control

In the stillness of my heart ....

All worries begin to cease.....

I give him my cares...He gives me His peace

Clear skies and traffic few


Is the daily recipient in our brew

When farmers busy drilling fields

And turning soil so mores revealed

When tractors are in fields galore —yet somethings missing in our stores

When a word that we did once call pop

Is now a killer that makes us stop

When billions spent and nothing earned

We can’t afford normality to return

When working at home is now a norm

And queues of traffic have been postponed

And children sit on WiFi

That still goes whizzing around our skies


I heard a parent yesterday a comment I’ve

Not heard since many a day

You can’t have me and your dad aren’t working

Music to my ageing ears

Cos making doo does hold no fear

But is a better story than spoiling child with this and that

No doubt he’s plenty toys on the Matt

Another old word becomes popular again

Forgotten by many in their lives

On making hay on which they strive

For fancy cars and holidays is now a distant yesterday

What is this word I am on about

A simple THANK YOU there is no doubt

Yes THANK YOU for yesterday’s things we took for granted

Now that coronavirus has landed


Perhaps we will learn that we can’t have this and that cos were all not working

I’m sure they’ll be those that’s shirking

As there always will be

As that’s human nature I think you see

But in the main a little more thankyou

For a little more time and thoughts for others

The old , the young ,the weak the frail

And even some of those in jail

The lonely and those with dementia

There’s far to many just to mention

And thank our lucky stars

For this marvellous country of ours

That try’s to have us at standard

Regardless wherever you have landed

And those who will not haul their load

Is the greasy waistcoat of the bold


So those with losses to much to bare

Well spare a thought for those who care

And those who’ve had the thumping loss

And those who do not give a toss

Perhaps the future can be tweaked with a little more care and appreciation

Of what we’ve got in this ere nation

Chaff no doubt

But a magnificent harvest is about

Of good folk doing their daily bit

To prevent as falling in the pit

If in a hundred years a man can do a hundred laps

Then that’s the standard yes for me

As he will go down in history

Simple ,honest THANK YOU grit

Will stop us imploding in the pit

And rain we miss you so

As You help all our plants to grow

And give us green carpets to play our sports

Or sit at home the last resort


And we perhaps all can learn to pray

For the good old times of yesterday


Thoughts on corona virus and the impact it’s having on us all

April 20


As we adjust to this new way of living

The lockdown...the restrictions...and life saving giving

We can't see our loved ones...we can't go out

Because of the sadness some people DOUBT


But COURAGE is there when the world stands still

CARING is there for those who are ill

FEAR is there...but we also have HOPE

For praying in Rome is our wonderful Pope


The Church is still here so take time to pray

For the Church is the people receiving blessings each day

PEACE is there a gift from above

But the greatest of all is the gift of His LOVE


The church doors aren't open but Jesus has spoken

The Church isn't bricks......mortar or steeple

It's faith ...hope... and love I have for my people


The Church is still here when darkness descends

I am your Shepherd..your guide ...and your friend

My love never fails...it's healing and warm

Giving peace inside....when outsides a storm


So if you're feeling alone or uncertain how things will go

Be assured of my blessings on you I will  pour

Be enlightened by my strength.  .......Be assured of my power

Every day... Every  second......every minute...every hour!

Dear God,


We pray for mummy and daddy’s friend Alex and all his family especially his daughter Bella. We hope you hold them all tightly and comfort them through this sad time, He will be sadly missed. We pray for all our families who we miss so much, we thank you for their love support and for helping us through tough times and for things that we might not understand.


Lord hear us


Tallulah Belle Smyth Age 7

My​Rai​nb​ow​Fo​r Y​ou 


R - Remember I am with you always. 

A - Alleluia, He is risen. 

I - I place my trust in you 

N - No one loves you more than me. 

B - Believe and trust in me. 

O - Our Lord, Our Saviour, Our Friend. 

W - Water of life - walk together in 

       faith, hope, love and peace. 


All gardens have a story to be told

Some flowers are so delicate and some are so bold

But, who really is the gardener?

I thinks it's God above

Our hearts are our gardens that He prunes with love.


The harmful weeds that take root and grow

He wants to remove  so goodness can flow.

His flowers are  peace, courage and calm

He tends each one with outstretched arm


He removes the stones - bad habits that come and go          

And sows wonderful seeds so that our gifts can grow

So may our fragile roots take hold

with lots of buds and blessings untold.


After clapping for carers last Thursday Something caught my eye

For there was a beautiful rainbow It's colours filled the sky


It reminded me of Noah and God's promise after the rain

To know that after the storm....sunny days will come again

So when  I  saw  that lovely arch like a smile from heaven came

God promises of  ...'all will be well'...  was in that ark of flame


A new way of living

A new way of giving

A better way of sharing

A better way of caring


Sacrifices we make..

Risks our carers take

Yes  life is a gift....wake up and greet It

It's also a challenge

accept and embrace it


So when we look back on our lockdown past

We'll find and treasure the things that will last

Faith...Hope.. and Love ...that make us shine

And know He is with us till the end of time


Even when I feel alone

I know you’re always there. 

Hear me now and comfort me

And grant my simple prayer. 

When I’m lost or full of pain,

Nor solace can I find;

Grant me your most precious gifts

Of HOPE and PEACE of mind. 

(By a parishioner)


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