St Patrick’s Catholic Church

In the Pastoral Area of Southport and the Archdiocese of Liverpool

“Your Presence my light”

St Patrick’s Church, Marshside Road, Southport PR9 9TJ

Tel: 01704 531229   



Parish Priest: Fr John Heneghan

25 Seabank Road, Southport, PR9 0EJ

Tel: 01704 531229

Mission statement of the Archdiocese of Liverpool:

“Taking to heart the last words of the Lord Jesus, we will go into the world to proclaim the Good News to the whole of Creation”.

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Our School

Catholic Chaplaincy Southport Hospital and Queenscourt Hospice

If you or a family member are admitted into the hospital/hospice please make sure the Catholic Chaplaincy Team know you are there.

In an emergency ask the ward staff to contact the Catholic Priest.  For routine visits and Holy Communion contact Maria Parker: 07467 374830


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Rainbows of hope from the children

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Mass is celebrated in our Churches:

St Marie’s: 12 noon Tuesday to Saturday, 8.30am and 10am on Sunday

St Patrick’s: 10am Thursday, 6pm Saturday, 11.30am Sunday


· Please note – All of us must wear a face-covering in Church

· We can only allow 56 people for each Mass at St Patrick’s and 64 people in for each Mass at St Marie’s

· Sunday Mass Obligation has not been reinstated by the Bishops, so don’t feel you are expected to come

· Some of you may wish to come to a weekday Mass instead of Sunday.

Keeping you all in prayer.

Fr John

We can still……

· Follow Mass online through the Archdiocese if you can here

· Pray the Rosary in your homes

· Join in prayer with other parishioners praying the Rosary at 7pm on Sundays

As these difficult and challenging times continue, we still walk in His Light together, nourished by His mighty Word and His Presence that whispers to our souls "remain in my love"....."do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid"....."Trust me"


Remaining with Jesus is the key theme in the Word of God today. The vine is an image Jesus uses to help his followers to understand the closeness of His relationship with us. He wants us to see how important it is to be connected to him and to understand how we would wither and dry up if we break away from Him.  Today Jesus tells us that He is the vine – we are the branches and His Father is the vine dresser.

It almost makes you feel like you’re in a garden and we are - the garden of the Lord. Every so often, we need to allow God to prune our branches back, so that we can produce the fruit He wants us to bear. I’m sure that all of us at some times in our lives feel that we have ‘dead wood’ that we carry around with us e.g. - jealousy, anger, gossip, hurts  etc. and we  can use lots of energy in things that may not necessarily be very fruitful. When we invite God to prune away anything in our lives that’s not of him - He comes closer to us, helping us so that we can bear the fruits of the Kingdom. We can’t do that alone -to bear real fruit we must always remain connected to the vine – Jesus!  New growth means new opportunities to show the power of God at work within us.  Whatever wealth, power, fame  etc. that  this world can provide only sustains us for a time -  the real fruit that lasts is the fruit of love, and the fruit of love  brings ..... joy.... peace..... patience.... kindness.....  faithfulness...... gentleness and self-control.  If we remain in His love we will be fruitful and the fruit of His love is there for all to see. Praise Him!! 

A view of St Patrick’s Parish from the air, with Blackpool in the distance

Pope Francis proclaims “Year of St Joseph”

Pastoral letter from

Archbishop Malcolm for Vocations Sunday


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