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The new complex was designed to provide for a wide range of activities. The main entrance is the former main entrance to the old church, now enhanced by a wider platform and steps with a ramp for the disabled. A simple canopy gives protection from the rain on inclement days. 

On entering the building you come into a small porch which provides a disabled and ladies toilets.






On the wall are the Holy water stoops dedicated to the memory of Fr Charles Mc Manus









Double doors lead into a large gathering area or ‘narthex’, with a specially designed ceramic tiled floor reminiscent of a monastic cloister.



Off the narthex, to the left, is the parish office which is open during the day Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and before and after Sunday Masses. Staffed by volunteers the Office provides a centre for general parish administration and it also ensures some extra security for the church which continues to be open all day from 9am to approximately 4pm





The New Hall and Entrance

The office and immediate area of the narthex were created from the back third of the old church.


A second set of double doors lead into the new hall, which was originally the remaining two thirds of the old church. A new central heating system, a complete repainting, and a heavy duty carpet, with new suspended lighting, transformed the new hall. Comfortable new chairs and tables were provided, and some colourful and attractive paintings of scenes from the life of Jesus by the Benedictine Nuns of Turvey were mounted and used to dress the walls.

The recessed sanctuary area of the old church was screened off (the screen matching those in the new church) to provide a ‘quiet’ room for Scripture and Prayer groups. Discreet lighting and spots were added to help with atmosphere and ambiance.


The new hall is used for a variety of meetings and activities and is able to provide for not only the parish’s needs but also for activities of the wider community.


Essentially it provides the parish community with a wonderful opportunity for developing its spiritual, pastoral and social activities.

St Patrick’s Catholic Church

In the Deanery of Sefton Coast North and the Archdiocese of Liverpool


Tel: 01704 531229

Email: stpatricks.southport@rcaolp.co.uk


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