History of St Patrick, Southport


The Lectern



Also featured on the sanctuary is the ambo or lectern from which the Word of God is proclaimed and celebrated. Again, it is made in complementary style to the font and altar, and features four pillars, one on each elevation, representing the four Evangelists, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, and the key line from St. Patrick’s Breastplate on the front elevation – ” … be thou my true word”. The ambo is surmounted by a large glass holder for the lectionary, from which the Scriptures are read each day.






The Tabernacle

Slightly to the left of the sanctuary is the Blessed Sacrament shrine – a kind of ‘Holy of Holies’. After Mass has been celebrated the consecrated elements which remain are reserved in the tabernacle for distribution to the sick and for Holy Communion on occasions when perhaps Mass cannot be celebrated. Catholics refer to this as the ‘Blessed Sacrament’ containing the Real Presence of Jesus Christ, and so treat it with great reverence. A light, the Sanctuary Lamp, is kept burning continually to mark this Sacramental Presence of Jesus amongst us.

The brass tabernacle containing the Blessed Sacrament is the original tabernacle, now completely reburnished, from the former church. Either side of the shrine timber and glass screens portray etched angels standing on guard, holding basins of flame, and above them sunburst roundels containing the words of the Angelic Hosts of Heaven – ‘Holy, Holy Holy …. ‘ This is a special place – this is where God dwells among his people.

To add richness the carpet was extended up the walls from the floor of the shrine.

The grapes and vine motif reminds us of the words of Jesus – ” I am the Vine, You are the Branches” – and it calls us to remain in his love so that we might be nourished with his life.


The Celebrant’s Chair

At the centre-back of the sanctuary is the second semi-circular platform containing the presidential chair and two deacons’ seats. From the earliest centuries of the Church the Bishop was seen as the centre of unity in the Eucharistic community. The Bishop’s chair or I ca thedra’ (hence the name given to the mother church of each diocese – Cathedral – where the Bishop’s chair is featured) was placed as a focal point near the altar around which the people gathered for the celebration of the Eucharist. He would normally be assisted by Deacons.

In this new church that symbolism has been emphasised once again.

The Bishop or Priest presides and gathers the people around him to celebrate Word and Sacrament.

The chairs here are made of Portuguese limestone to complement the altar, ambo, and font

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